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  1. Red Beard-2
  2. Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior-2
  3. Hangaroo-3
  4. Alien Hominid-2
  5. 4x4 Rally-2
  6. Drag Racer v3
  7. Trech-3
  8. World Domination-3
  9. A Mindchamber
  10. Spooky Hoops-2

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Play your resources and capture the castles using minimum forces.

1,012 Total Plays
Rocket Bob-3Rocket Bob-3

Help Bob to jump from one platform to another using appripriate force and angle

976 Total Plays
A MindchamberA Mindchamber

Get to the girl without detected by the dog

13,954 Total Plays
Lightsaber PracticeLightsaber Practice

Use the mouse to aim the incoming droids. Shoot them before they shot you.

838 Total Plays
The Old West Shoot'em UpThe Old West Shoot'em Up

use your quick draw skill to uphold justice

1,179 Total Plays

Fred Flinstone gets to eat all the food in this game. Move quickly but always avoid the wall!

1,069 Total Plays
Kore Karts-3Kore Karts-3

Play the game alone, or playing together with the second player and computer. The first one who comp...

922 Total Plays
Viper's Reef Scuba TrainingViper's Reef Scuba Training

Underwater adventure - you will have to get to the end quickly before running out of oxygen

883 Total Plays
Stick in TwiddlestixStick in Twiddlestix

The stick will rotate constantly. You task is to navigate the rotating stick safely through waterway...

840 Total Plays
Bubble TroubleBubble Trouble

You have limited time to shoot all the bubbles

1,587 Total Plays

Feed the eagle and stay alive and don't get yoruself eaten by bigger birds

981 Total Plays
The ChainsawThe Chainsaw

Wear a skeleton mask and go around chainsaw the worker

1,752 Total Plays

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